Ernest N Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, LA,
January 25 - 27, 2019

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Q: What is HAuNTcon?
A: The Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Convention is an expo and conference designed for the needs of Haunted Attraction Owners, Operators and those who strive to some day be in the Haunt business. Open to the general public, HAuNTcon provides a vast amount of education and do-it-yourself hands-on workshops. HAuNTcon offers tours of area Haunted Events, so that attendees can stay on the cutting edge of what the best attractions in the industry are doing.

Q: How did HAuNTcon get started?
A: HAuNTcon started out in 1999 as a small Haunter Gathering each May with educational seminars, show and tell demonstrations and a small swap meet. The gathering continued to grow, and by 2004 it was ready to become the first of its kind, a haunted attraction national convention. Haunter education is still our focus, with over 50 hours of education included in the price of admission to the show.

Q: What should attendees pay attention to at this year’s event?
A: Look for even more advanced education, from experts outside the haunting industry on subjects like social media and advertising. HAuNTcon is also now co-located with the Halloween & Party Expo, bringing together Haunt, Halloween and Party for the first time!

Q: Why does a business conference have a costume ball?
A: Most haunters are working in October and don’t get to dress up in freaky costumes just for the fun of it. The HAuNTcon costume ball gives attendees a chance to get back to what got them into haunting in the first place: Halloween! The costume ball gives attendees and vendors time to get to know each other outside of the show floor. It is a great opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people… not to mention it is a GREAT party!

Q: Do you have to wear a costume to the ball and is there a costume contest?
A: The short answer is “no” to both. A majority of people attending the costume ball will be in costume, but costumes are not required in order to attend. However, we do ask that you dress nicely, as this is an upscale event. As for a “contest,” the haunted attraction industry is very competitive as it is, and HAuNTcon is a place of sharing. No matter who wins a contest it upsets someone who didn’t, and that is not the spirit of HAuNTcon! Ball attendees range from Imagineers to Home Haunters, with a full range from store-bought costumes to tedious hand-sculpted creatures. They are all fantastic; how could you choose one as the best? All we care about is that you have a GREAT time.

Q: How do I receive the tickets I bought online?
A: Once you register (HERE), you’ll have a bar code to print out and bring to the show. You can go to registration at the show with this bar code to receive your show badge.

Q: How many haunted attractions can I see during HAuNTcon?
A: The pre-show tour averages 11 different attractions and some other fun points of interest along the way. Then there is a Friday night tour, a Sunday night tour and a Monday night tour, but any of these events may have multiple attractions open for attendees. On an average year, if you purchase each of the tours, you would see as many as 20 different attractions in a four-day period.

Q: Can I get a booth at HAuNTcon?
A: If you have a product or service that you would like to sell to the Haunted Attraction Industry, HAuNTcon is a great place to exhibit. Booth space is reasonable and includes many amenities that are up charges at most trade shows. There are two different booth packages, one a bare bones package and the other a premiere package that even provides exhibitors with lunch, because we know how hard it is to get away from your booth. If you are just starting your haunted business or just have some haunted items you would like to sell, you can buy a table at the Haunted Garage Sale. It is a great place to test out a product or sell off some props you made or are not using any more. Contact Marni Vinci today to reserve your booth at or 203-242-8712

Q: Do I have to own a business to attend HAuNTcon?
A: HAuNTcon is open to home haunters, event owners and operators. The ticket registration asks for a company or attractions name so we can print it on your badge.

Q: What should I bring to the convention?
A: Bring plenty of business cards with your name and contact information. Each exhibitor will ask for this, and you will want to hand them out to the new friends you meet during the conference. Bring an extra bag to carry the stuff you accumulate home with you. And don’t forget your costume for the ball, just in case. (You may change your mind once you get here!)

Q: Is there some place I can put my luggage while I am on the Pre-Show tour?
A: You can leave anything that you don’t want to lug on the bus with the hotel concierge. They will store it for you until you check back in.

Q: How much is each seminar?
A: There will be All Access passes to get you into three days of education. Be sure to upgrade to a Trade Show Only pass once registration is live!

Q: What is a Hands-On Workshop?
A: A “Hands-On Workshop” is where you are instructed about how to take common, everyday materials and turn them into the scariest things you can imagine! A small fee is required to pay for the materials used, but when you are done you get to take your evil creation home with you.

Q: How do I sign up for the Hands-On Workshops?
A: Coming Soon!

Q: Do I need reservations for the Seminars?
A: No. The seminars are first-come, first-serve, and the popular topics fill up quickly, so get there early to get a good seat. There is limited seating for the Workshops, and you should be able to sign up for them onsite; but you should sign up in advance as soon as these classes are finalized a week or so out from the show.

Q: There is a lot going on at HAuNTcon… when do we sleep?
A: There is no sleep at HAuNTcon! We have crammed every second of the convention with more education, tours, products, networking and pure fun than is allowed by law! So bring your No-Doz and Redbull, and join us for a haunting good time at the Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Convention… HAuNTcon!

Didn’t get the answer to your question? Contact us by email at or by phone at 203-242-8712.

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