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Demonstrations are the messy seminars and the technical seminars. Whether they are business owners with a chance to showcase unique and powerful products, artisans sharing techniques and methodologies with attendees, or technicians exploring animation or sound, no one knows the ins and outs of a particular topics better than the person who pioneered it. Learn how to maximize the potential of a featured product, or tips and tricks to make your attraction better in these well attended sessions. Times, topics and speakers are subject to change.

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The Future of Show Control Technology

by Crystal Lee, Enttec Americas

Combining lights, sound, and physical effects with live performance is the challenge of every designer in the performing arts.  Investigate a new way to create powerful performances in your haunted house.  In this technology demo and performance workshop, Crystal Lee, a lighting designer with a MFA in Entertainment Lighting Design, combines her talents with those of Joe Jensen – creator of the infamous Hades haunted house – to offer examples of state of the art video and lighting effects control.  Producers will see money savings, techies will be amazed, and actors will find new ways to scare.


Freaky Facepainting for Haunted Attractions

by Nick Wolfe, Evil Twin FX

Join Nick Wolfe as he demonstrates haunted house classic faces on volunteers from the audience using an airbrush. Learn about the anatomy,geometry, and psychology of scary face painting from world champion, bodyart rockstar, Nick Wolfe and watch your friends transform into your worst nightmare!


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Monster Mud; Its Successes, Failures, and Taking it to the Next Level

by Jeff & Chris Davis, Davis Graveyard

In this informative session, grand prize winners Jeff and Chris Davis will take the mystery out of monster mud, a joint compound and latex paint mixture that has become a haunt industry scenic mainstay. Attendees will learn the various uses for monster mud by the creators of the acclaimed Davis Graveyard home haunt, that features dozens of monuments and statuary using a litany of monster mud techniques.

Demonstrating their process for using monster mud, The Davis Graveyard will cover topics including the best monster mud recipe, the optimal way to mix the mud, how different fabrics create different textures and what other materials can be used with monster mud.

Learn do’s and don’ts based on years of monster mudding successes and failures, and get first hand knowledge of weatherizing the water based mud, as well as other maintenance tips from years of outdoor exposure testing.

Note: For attendees who want to get elbow deep in monster mud and foam carving, please check out the hands on workshops offered by The Davis Graveyard at this conference.


Fire Resistance and your Haunt; Keeping Real Horror at Bay

by Greg Winslow

When your mind is focused on designing and building a completely horrific, spine-chilling, and nail biting haunted house, fire protection can easily be overlooked. Fires affect thousands of companies each year resulting in injuries, lost customer trust, and building damage. Don’t let that happen to you! By taking necessary fire prevention steps, you can help stop fires from starting or spreading. In this important demonstration class, Greg Winslow will explore some of the things that can mitigate the risk of fire in your attraction. Potential causes of fire, safety pre-requisites and emergency egress requirements will be covered briefly, but the main focus is on practical ways to prevent fire from spreading instead of trying to handle it once it does. Greg will also show practical ways of treating props and materials that minimize both the effort and cost of fireproofing.


Make Inexpensive Killer Props!

by Deanna Bryant-Shaw, Divine Dementia

Whether you are a home haunter or a haunted attraction owner, saving money is always a plus. If want to learn how to make KILLER one-of-a-kind props, that cost little to nothing, then THIS is the demonstration class for you! In this fun and exciting demonstration, Deanna from Divine Dementia will show you the basics of turning recyclable plastic bags, foam, wire, fabrics, bottles, and tubing into awesome props and décor including burning embers, tree vines, intestines, and lanterns. The best part?! All of these props are made using everyday materials that you already have lying around at home and your work shop!


Out with New and in with the Old: How To Give Props New Life

by Renee Keene, Birmingham Zoo

Don’t throw away those worn out or torn masks and props. In this fast passed session, Renee Keene of the Birmingham Zoo will explain how attendees can refurbish left over or broken props, and  how to create new props by using unexpected materials to create props. Perfect for any attraction on a budget, and let’s face it – all attractions are on a budget, Renee will demonstrate how to save attendees money by making molds out of throw away skulls, using recycled plastics to create masks, and props out old coolers, mannequin parts and an old sheets.


Quick and Easy Makeup Techniques That Every Haunter Should Know!

by Darla Wigley, Wrigley FX / Ruby Falls Haunted caverns

Whether you are preparing 100 actors for a nightly haunt operation, or you are doing Halloween makeup on your children for trick-or-treating, it’s always beneficial to have some quick and easy makeup tricks up your sleeve. This seminar is filled with tips and pointers to create quick, quality makeups that are easy to apply. The WigleyFX crew will also demonstrate the purpose and technique of common products, and share tips that will make your haunt makeup team smile! With these must-know tip and tricks, you will save countless hours of makeup application time and money. Success is only a brush away!


Making a Custom Sock Mask

by Roy Wooley, Roy Wooley FX Designs

Foam latex prosthetics is a great way to create a great original haunt character, however, applying prosthetics night after night is time consuming and expensive. Even with careful removal you only get a couple of uses out of the same prosthetic. In this demonstration Roy will show attendees how to use prosthetics to make what is known as a “sock mask,” that can be used all season long. A must for any haunt on a budget, Roy will demonstrate each step of making a sock mask, from creating the mask structure to applying the prosthetics to paint and finishing touches. Attendees will learn how to modify off the shelf prosthetics to make a unique one of a kind character.


Let’s Get Rusty! Rusting Techniques on a Budget

by Alyssa Schipani, Fright Farm / Design By Aly

A haunted attraction isn’t complete without a room of rusty eye-candy! Sure, you could use a brown paint wash on everything, but that’s boring! You need an intricate scene full of different colors, textures, and mediums! In this seminar, Alyssa Schipani will share low cost ways to create and paint rust on walls, pipes, props, signs, and more! Using items such as paint, bleach, vinegar, salt, cinnamon, metal shavings, Great Stuff, drywall compound, and sawdust, these techniques will create scenes and props that are diverse and unique. Whether you want to rust a few small props or create an entire boiler room, these tips and techniques will save you time and money! Rusting techniques for both metal and non-metal surfaces will be discussed.


Trick or Treat Haunted House Faces: Classic Monster Makeup

by Kyle Vest, Blast FX

Classic monsters from early horror films are ingrained in our fears and are used to this day in film and haunted attractions. In this fast paced demonstration, Skin Wars fan favorite Kyle Vest will show attendees how to quickly create classic characters with airbrush and prosthetics. As he shares tips and tricks each step along the way, attendees will learn how to quickly paint elaborate, high definition, classic, recognizable scary faces that still strike fear into the hearts of patrons.


Web Gun Tips and Tricks: Taking Your Haunt to the Next Level

by William Ramsay, Dr. TerrorEyes

Probably one of the most underutilized, yet very powerful, things a Haunter can do is to blow realistic cob webbing into strategic areas within a haunt. Watch as Dr. Bill Ramsay (aka: Dr. TerrorEyes) shows you how to transform your so-so haunt into an arachnid lair worthy of giving even an insect exterminator the chills!

Cobwebs truly add dimension to any haunt scene, but the effect is underutilized.  In this demonstration, attendees will receive a wealth of details in the course handout, tips, tricks, as well as some hands-on cobweb shooting fun. Aside from that composure-losing thrill above, just having a spooky scene within your haunt, all layered in old cobwebs, can add dimension and realism and aire of quality. With the right lighting effect ever so softly revealing the webbing, you can take a stark scene and soften it, even “age” it, in seconds.

Let the Doctor’s 42 years of haunt experience provide the perfect, cobweb-laden make-over which your haunt is dying to receive! Course attendees will also be eligible for several door prizes offered by the kind doctor and his sponsors.


A Beginners Guide To Prop Building Basics on a Budget

by Jennifer Vanlandingham, The Evil Queen

New to haunting, or on a shoestring budget? Just not sure what to do, or have questions that you are afraid to ask? Well don’t worry! We have all been there and had those questions. In this laid back session, sit down and talk prop building basics with Jennifer Vanlandingham.

In this session, Jennifer will discuss her use of inexpensive materials and other unusual items to build props for haunted attractions. The class will view a slide show of past props as well as a handout covering more useful tricks and tips Jennifer has picked up over the years. Come with your questions, pad, pen, and an open mind.


Using Skeletons as Stone Sculptures

by Jeff & Chris Davis, Davis Graveyard

Skeletons are a staple prop for pro haunted attractions and home haunts. While most of them are posable, not all of them look realistic. In this demonstration class, the crew from the Davis Graveyard will show attendees how to take a boring skeleton and turn it into a creative and realistic stone sculpture!  Through the use of expanding foam, attendees will learn how to lock-in skeleton poses ,and fill in rib cages and other sections of the skeletons to being forming the stone statue. The finishing touches will include cleaning up the imperfections to make your unique skeleton piece look like it is a statue carved from solid foam.


Zombie Makeup 101

by Regina Brown & Alyssa Arceneaux, RISE Haunted House

In this session, Regina Brown & Alyssa Arceneaux of the Rise Haunted House will demonstrate the different stages of the zombie transformation. Using latex and silicon prosthetics, alcohol palettes, and oil based cream paints, Regina and Alyssa will turn clean faced models into the horrid, rotting, walking dead.



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