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Tuesday Advanced All Day Workshops

Tuesday Advanced All Day Workshops

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HAuNTcon’s Tuesday All-day Advanced Workshops are designed to delve into a larger subject that needs more time than can be covered in a one hour seminar or even a 2 hour workshop. These classes are lead by our most experienced speakers and offer hours of in depth, once in a life time, one on one instruction. An additional fee is required for each of the classes and includes a box lunch. Seating is limited so sign up today. Times, topics and speakers are subject to change.

These Classes are on Tuesday February 10th, from 9am to 4:30pm. Fee required – includes Breakfast and box lunch. Go to to purchase workshops and Tuesday All Day Classes. Note: Registration to the HAuNTcon Conference is not required to attend these classes.

Advanced All-day Workshop 1 (Fee Required) Tuesday 9:00 am-4:30 pm
Getting Started with Micro-Controllers: Using Tech to Complete Your Creative Vision
by Steve O’ Connor of Garage of Evil
$130 Materials Fee Required. Class Limited to 15 BUY NOW!

This in-depth all day workshop is aimed at those haunters, pro or amateur, that want to take the next step into haunt tech and learn how to create stand-alone (non PC based) solutions to achieve their creative visions, or fulfill the challenges their creative teams pose to them. Understanding how to create, code and implement inexpensive stand-alone controllers is often a big hurdle. It seems complex, but it’s not “rocket surgery.” Knowing how to start is always the biggest challenge.

If you’re a haunt tech, then you know the drill. You’re tasked with a new set that needs either scripted, or even dynamic actions to occur upon patrons entering the space. Or perhaps your haunt has grown and evolved into a mix of cables, lighting, sound, and off the shelf controllers only you can untangle and repair each season (or each night!). Or you’re a home haunter, that wants to grow your skills and creative vision beyond “hacked together” tech, or off the shelf controllers? Bottom line, you need a way to take back control and offer “on budget”, reliable solutions. Creating your own micro-controller is the solution, and this class is exactly what you have been looking for.

In this lively all day session lead by Steve O’Connor of Garage of Evil, “we’re gonna get our nerd on in a big way,” but in the context of desteve-omystifying simple electronics, controllers, and basic coding. At the end of the day, you’ll leave with a working platform, ready to plunk into your next project, knowing how to make cylinders move, lights light, sound happen, and all at your control.

When you leave this all day class you’ll have the working understanding of electronics, micro-controllers, and coding needed to start creating and implementing your own micro-controller solutions. The class will cover what to buy, why to buy it, and how to use it. You’ll have coded your own controller kit and seen it do stuff at your command.

The kit will include a working Picaxe platform controller starter kit, ready to use, and also a programming cable for future projects. You will leave this course with everything you need to “hit the ground creating”.

Be sure to bring your Windows based laptop to the class (please no Mac or Linux, unless you’re comfortable sourcing your own drivers). All needed drivers and programming cable will be supplied along with the kits. You’ll receive an email from Steve once your sign up with instructions to make sure your laptop is ready for the class.

Go to to sign up for this amazing class! Class size is limited so reserve your seat today! Fee required. Check out their website at


Advanced All-day Workshop 2 (Fee Required) Tuesday 9:00 am-4:30 pm
Creating A Detailed Crypt Set In A Day: Expert Level Hands-On Scene Building Workshop
by Jeff and Chris Davis of Davis Graveyard
$150 Materials Fee Required. Class Limited to 20 BUY NOW!

Feb. 10, 2015 – Become a foam carving and finishing expert by taking this extraordinary, all day Hands-on Workshop. The talented crew of the Davis Graveyard will instruct attendees while they build a movie quality New Orleans style above ground graveyard scene like those seen on the preshow tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1 and the Necropolis 13 Haunted Attraction earlier in the conference. The scene includes central stone sarcophagus surrounded by stacked crypts on three sides and enclosed by a rusted cemetery gate. When finished, this scene could be easily used as a room design inside a haunted attraction or as a photo opportunity for patrons.

Attendees will spend the day working with a talented and experienced crew building set walls, working with different types of Styrofoam, constructing props, and fabricating realistic set pieces. This hands-on crash course covers various foam carving techniques, foam panel design, foam texturing, sealing the foam, faux painting , distressing, detail painting, monster mud sculpting, prop construction, and faux wrought iron techniques to make it look like the real thing.
Attendees will learn new techniques while getting hands on experience working with foam and faux. The Davis Graveyard crew will be there to oversee the construction and answer any questions attendees might have about the process. If you are a haunt owner, home haunter, scenic artist, scenic painter, prop builder, set builder then this workshop will drastically increase the level of quality of your product. Or if you simply dream about one day becoming one of the above, then this workshop is the best investment you can make toward making your dream a reality. Haunters of all skill levels are welcome. $15 fee required. Class includes instruction, materials, box lunch and lifetime friends. Check out their website at


Advanced All-day Workshop 3 (Fee Required) Tuesday 9:00 am-4:30 pm
Advanced, Hands-on Makeup Tutorial, AND Exclusive Kurtzman/Paasche Airbrush Kit
by Robert Kurtzman of Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps
$350 Materials Fee Required. Class Limited to 30 BUY NOW!

In this Advanced All-day Hands-on Workshop, Robert Kurtzman, director, producer and 30 year special effects artist veteran, with more than 400 movie and television credits, will take attendees through the proper application of silicone appliances. Owner of Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps, Robert will be demonstrating realistic final painting techniques for film quality makeup and props. No secrets will be held back as Robert offers makeup tricks and tips he uses to create the world worst monsters.

In this once in a life time one-on-one opportunity to learn from this makeup legend, Robert will then guide attendees through the techniques they learned in a hands-on makeup workshop. Attendees will properly apply a furnished appliance, then airbrush paint and finish the makeup with their very own Robert Kurtzman Air Brush Kit by Paasche.

Attendees should have some working knowledge of makeup and appliance work before the class. Price includes instruction, Robert Kurtzman Air Brush Kit by Paasche, appliance and a box lunch. Bring your camera, your notebook and bring a model to apply your make up on. (Models are welcome to attend the whole class. if you don’t have a model let us know and we will try to find one.) Class size is limited and a fee is required for attendance. Check out their website at


Advanced All-day Workshop 4 (Fee Required) Tuesday 9:00 am-4:30 pm
Opening Your First Haunted Attraction: Without Losing An Arm And A Leg
by Leonard Pickel of Hauntrepreneurs(R) Themed Attraction Design and Consulting
$180 Materials Fee Required. Class Limited to 20 BUY NOW!

Halloween has become a phenomenon in the United States and around the world, and every year more and more people are opening “darkly themed” Halloween Attractions. Even in the present economic downturn some haunted events are breaking attendance records, while other attractions are going out of business.
This comprehensive and detailed step by step “how-to” session features the “do’s and don’ts” on getting an attraction open, keeping it open and making enough money to survive for both a for-profit dark attraction and charity Halloween Event, but even a well-established event will learn from Leonard’s 35 years of professional design and consulting experience.

From choosing the attraction name and URL for the event though pricing and dates of operation, topics covered include, creating a business plan, location requirements, safety code compliance, attraction style, attraction design, multi-element approach, timed ticketing, advertising, operations and answers to the most frequently asked questions: “How big should the attraction be, how much should I charge, and how much will it cost?”

In this all day session, attendees will explore the reasons why some attractions prosper while others fail. “A Haunted Attraction is a business and as in any other business, what you don’t know about this specialized field can put you out of business before you get started,” explains haunt industry veteran Leonard Pickel who will share with attendees how to maximize profits while minimizing costs and effort while describing what he sees as the best model for creating a successful Halloween Event.

NOTE: Bring your wifi enabled laptop or tablet, your scary designs, theme ideas and haunting dreams to this never before offered session. Check out their website at


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An acronym for the Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Conference, HAuNTcon is a celebration of people who love Haunted Houses and Halloween. It is three days and nights jam-packed full of Networking, Tours of area Haunted Attractions, educational seminars, make-n-takes teaching the latest is Haunting techniques and a tradeshow exhibiting the latest in Haunting props and equipment.

Offerings include a pre-show bus tour of area Haunted attractions, tours of local Haunted attractions, tradeshow floor, costume ball, haunted garage sale and Haunter education including workshops, make-up and product demonstrations, and prop how-to make-n-takes.

HAuNTcon is open to the general public and all ages are welcome to attend. If you operate a Haunted House or would like to. If you act at a Halloween Event or would like to. If you Haunt your Home, or if you are just a fan of Haunted Houses and Halloween, then HAuNTcon is a "not to be missed" weekend of Haunting fellowship and just plain fun!

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