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HAuNTcon 2015

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February 6-10, 2015
Belle of Baton Rouge Hotel & Convention Center
103 France St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

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DemonstrationsCreative SessionsBusiness Classes
Hands-On WorkshopsAdvanced All Day Workshops

Demonstrations are the messy seminars. Whether they are led by business owners showcasing unique and powerful products or artisans sharing techniques and methodologies, no one knows the ins and outs of a particular topic better than the person who pioneered it. Learn how to maximize the potential of a featured product, as well as tips and tricks to make your attraction better. Times and topics are subject to change.
Note: Attendance to the HAuNTcon Tradeshow Floor is required to take these classes.
CLICK HERE to register.

Demo/Tech 1 – Saturday 8:30 – 9:30 am Room: 310A-D B-E
How To Properly And Effectively Light Attractions and Store Displays With LED’s
by Quan Gan, Darklight

Description – Lighting can make or break your show: after all, what good is all your hard work if it can’t be properly seen? We’ll teach you the tools and techniques of show lighting for your halloween event, be it a yard haunt, haunted attraction, or Halloween store.

No Registration is Required

Quan Gan is the owner of Darklight, the leading manufacturer of lighting equipment to the Halloween industry. Quan’s strong engineering background from UC Berkeley and Stanford University has helped him to start Darklight in 2010. Under his leadership, Darklight has become a preferred lighting manufacturer to all the major theme parks including Disney, Universal, Six Flags, and countless haunted attractions across the

Demo/Tech 2 – Saturday 10:00 – 11:00 am Room: 310A-D B-E
How To Create Effective, Detailed Zombies Cheap and in a Pinch
by Dale FIink, Castle of Chaos

Description – Time is ticking… Patrons are waiting to enter your attraction! In this makeup demonstration you will learn the industries fastest techniques of how to create quick, cheap, and effective zombies with limited time!

No Registration is Required

Salt Lake City Utah resident Dale Flink, has been involved in the theatrical world for the past 10 years and has been haunting for the last 6 years. He has worked with several theatrical disciplines as a carpenter, assistant technical director, set and scenic designer, working on films, television commercials and music videos for Ohio Light Opera Company, Old Lyric Repertory Company and Eastern Utah Theatre. Dale is currently the makeup director for Castle of Chaos Haunted attraction where he works side by side with a team of talented artists. In the off season he designs, paints, and set dresses several rooms every year for Castle Of Chaos. Dale also currently does SFX work and makeup for his Home Business T.O.T.M FX.

Demo/Tech 3 – Saturday 3:00 – 4:00 pm Room: 310A-D B-E
Original Music For Your Haunted Attraction
by Chris Thomas, Music for Haunts

Description – Should you raise your musical expectations? In today’s haunt industry, the bar is set very high for quality. However, music is usually treated as an after-thought. Since music has such a powerful effect on patrons, lets utilize music as an important creative element. We will learn how to create you own haunt music, how to work with a composer, and why great music is good for business!

No Registration is Required

Award-winning film composer, Chris Thomas, recently scored the animated film Cadaver, starring Kathy Bates and Christopher Lloyd. In 2010, Chris wrote music for the documentary, Woman Rebel. The film was short-listed for an Academy Award and nominated for an Emmy Award. Chris has won Best Film & TV Music at the eWorld Music Awards in Hollywood, and the Gold Medal Prize from the Park City Film Music Festival, and Best Soundtrack at SXSW FIlm Festival. In 2007, Chris was nominated for Best Orchestrator at the Academy of Film & TV Music Awards in Hollywood. In television, Chris briefly orchestrated and conducted (uncredited) on ABC’s hit show LOST. He has also composed special features music for CSI:NY.

Chris has also been in demand in the haunted house industry. Since launching Music For Haunts, Chris has been writing original soundtracks for haunted attractions such as the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, Killers NYC, Manormortis in the UK, Chambers of the Mausoleum, and Ghost Ship.

Demo/Tech 4 – Saturday 4:30 – 5:30 pm Room: 310A-D B-E
Fast Faces! – Horror Face Painting at a Fast Pace!
by Nick Wolfe, Evil Twin FX

Description – Join world champion body painter Nick Wolfe as he demonstrates “fast faces” make-up perfect for a haunt. See all the regular characters – evil clowns, zombies, vampires and victims – made-up quickly and fantastically! Nick will show how to use water-based make-up to effectively transform attraction cast into as many characters as possible in a single hour. Bring your face and a camera, because monsters will be made at a frightening pace!

No Registration is Required

World renown body and face painter, Nick Wolfe has been working in the haunt industry since 1998 doing make-up, props, acting and building sets for numerous Haunted Attractions including Skull Kingdom and Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. He has taught horror make-up and face painting in over 20 countries and has published several instructional books and videos on the subject. Nick and his brother founded the Make-up company Wolfe FX and they continue to build brands for other companies as well. His enthusiasm makes his workshops fast and fun as he strives to inspire haunters and make-up artists to be their best!

Demo/Tech 5 – Sunday 8:30 – 9:30 am Room: 310A-D B-E
Hot Wire Foam – The Non-Scary World of Foam Carving
by Laura Neeley, Hot Wire Foam Factory

Description – This informative class is geared for beginners to intermediate levels. The demo will cover the complete tool line with the latest tips and techniques for making 2D and 3D foam props and backdrops of all sizes. Laura will also educate the class on adhesives, coatings, saftey, and health precautions.

No Registration is Required

Laura has been employed with Hot Wire Foam Factory for over a decade. Not being a professional artist herself, she has aquired many trade tips from professionals she has worked with over the years. Now, she will share her secrets with you!

Demo/Tech 6 – Sunday 10:00 – 11:00 am Room: 310A-D B-E
Tear it and Wear It! – Zombifie, Age, and Distress
by Roy Wooley, Roy Wooley FX

Description – Learn the industries best teqniques to zombify, age and distress your wardrobe to complete your character.

No Registration is Required

Special FX artist from Atlanta Georgia, Roy Wooley, has over 20 years of experience under his creative FX belt. His passion and talent for FX landed him as a strong fan favorite on SYFY’s season 3 of Face Off and in 2013, once again, on season 5 as a finalist. Roy has done FX makeup on various films, such as Halloween II, and Zombieland. When he is not working on feature films, he runs the makeup department for The Netherworld Haunted Attraction in Georgia.

Demo/Tech 7 – Sunday 3:00 – 4:00 pm Room: 310A-D B-E
Distressing Your Haunt: Dingy, Disgusting Walls!
by Ettie Thompson, Maze of Terror

Description – Create dripping, nasty looking walls that have been around for awhile! You will learn detailed techniques applying sheet rock, mud, and paint to walls to make them look deteriorated. Also some tricks on creating moldy, bloody, torn, ripped wall paper. Bugs and decorations too!

No Registration is Required

Ettie Thompson, her husband Brian, and their daughter Savanna, have always loved the Halloween season. Together they have been decorating for parties and fundraisers for many years. With a theatrical background from high school and college, Ettie is a small business owner and operator of a salon of 24 years. Always looking for ways to save money, and make things look authentic. Ettie scours the internet for great haunting tutorials.

The Thompson’s started terrifying people 4 years ago when they opened the Maze of Terror in Vidor, Texas. Proceeds from The Maze of Terror are donated to the Vidor HIgh School Project Graduation, and Boy Scouts of America . The M.O.T.’s motto, “Keeping seniors from taking their last ride, too early!

Demo/Tech 8 – Sunday 4:30 – 5:30 pm Room: 310A-D B-E
Application of Latex Prosthetics with Emphasis on Airbrushing to Achieve Desired Effect
by Tom Devlin, 1313 FX Fright Zone

Description – LATEX! The demo will cover how to apply a pre-made latex prosthetic to an actor. Tom will also demonstrate techniques such as blending edges to achielve a seamless cohesive look, painting and adding detail using free hand and airbrush techniques, and tips on exceptional effects using latex prostetics and paint while minding time constraint and budget.

No Registration is Required

Tom Devlin has been working professionally as a special makeup effects artist for 13 years. If you’ve ever met Tom, it is clear that monsters, horror movies, and Halloween are not just a job for him, but a passion.

Through his company 1313FX, Tom has provided creatures and special makeup effects on over 100 feature films, working with many of the actors and directors that inspired his path. In addition to his work in film and television, Tom has created a line of Halloween masks for the Haunted Attractions industry. He has been selling his creations to some of the most well-known haunts across the country for the last 6 years.Tom recently appeared as a contestant on the SyFy reality series “Face Off”. He quickly became a fan favorite with his winning horror villain “Teddy Told Me To,” a terrifying take on the teddy bear.

Demo/Tech 9 – Monday 8:30 – 9:30 am Room: 310A-D B-E
The Art of Foam Carving
by Chris & Jeff Davis and the crew of Davis Graveyard, Davis Graveyard

Description – This session will showcase firsthand foam texturing techniques for looks like stone, brick, cinderblock and aged wood. Chris and Jeff will illustrate how to use different types of foam for specific applications. Attendees will learn which tools work best for what technique.

No Registration is Required

Jeff and Chris Davis, and their talented crew, are the creators of The Davis Graveyard, a popular yard haunt in the Portland, Oregon area, which has been in operation for over 10 years. As the nation’s largest and most detailed cemetery themed yard haunt, the display has won several awards. It has been featured in magazines, as well as showcased in’s “Haunts Across America” series.

The Davis Graveyard coordinates the Haunters Video Awards and DVD Set, now in its 12th year, a compilation of home haunter videos from all over the world that are judged and given awards. The Davis Graveyard has presented seminars and teaches local workshops, sharing their prop building techniques at summer workshops in Portland, Oregon. Recently, The Davis Graveyard was tapped to help with ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover” of Nightmare Factory in Salem, Oregon, where they created hundreds of cinderblock walls and aged brick hallways and rooms, all out of foam. Go to for more information.

Demo/Tech 10 – Monday 10:00 – 11:00 am Room: 310A-D B-E
Burns, Flesh Wounds & Frozen Props! The Art of Detailing Dead Bodies
by Maris Blanchard,

Description – This demonstration covers techniques on how to create burns, flesh wounds, infections, and a frozen look on plain factory made props. In order to give the illusion of authenticity in your haunt the details of each scene must flow together to tell an accurate story. With easy to learn techniques and simple everyday items you will be able to detail body parts that will fit into your scene adding the realism you need. Learn how to dry sponge nasty infections onto a leg, add faux ice and freezer burn onto your frozen hand, and peel away tinted liquid latex to show 3rd degree burns. After this session, you will be able to take detailing your props to the next level.

No Registration is Required

Maris Blanchard is currently finishing up her BFA with a concentration in sculpture, set to graduate in 2014 from the University of Oklahoma. When asked what first drew her to haunting she said “she loved being able to escape into the worlds she created”. She also sited Edward Gorey and Ralph Eugene Meatyard as prominent influences in her dark art. Haunting for the past 8+ years while also being an artist, she has developed a unique design sense of creating convincing SFX props.

Demo/Tech 11 - Monday 3:00 – 4:00 pm Room: 310A-D B-E
A Behind the Scenes Look at the Hit Reality Show, Making Monsters
by Ed and Marsha Edmunds,

Description – Join Travel Channel stars Ed and Marsha Edmunds as they present an inside look at their Hit Show, Making Monsters. A fascinating look at the world of animatronics and monster making, Making Monsters is a reality TV show about the Greeley, CO company Distortions Unlimited, creators of some of the scariest animatronics the haunt industry has ever seen. The Edmands will share behind the scenes stories of the making of the show and how they became the television stars.

No Registration is Required

Hidden in an industrial warehouse in Greeley, Colorado, Distortions Unlimited’s owners, Ed and Marsha Edmunds, make monsters. Their quality props, masks and creations have been a mainstay of the dark amusement industry since 1978. Long creative hours are spent in gray-walled offices surrounded by brain-eating hunchbacks, wall-scaling zombies and docile 3-foot tall aliens. The working environment looks more like a nightmare manufactory than a place of business.

As a child Ed enjoyed creating masks and putting on performances as monster characters. His artistic hobby became a true talent and Ed started his mask-making company, Distortions Unlimited, while still in high school. Making its first home in one bedroom of a two-bedroom apartment, Distortions Unlimited is now in an industrial-zoned 24,000 square-foot facility, with a year-round staff of artisans. After college, Ed met biology student Marsha Taub, who shared Ed’s dedication to a faith in Christ, artistic passion and creative yearning. The two became a team – one so strong, they exchanged marriage vows in 1992!

For the future of Distortions, “higher impact” and “more intense” animations are the goals, and with ever more creative ideas, the plans at Distortions are in fact ‘Unlimited.’ Ed and Marsha now spend their days in a warehouse akin to a cannibal’s buffet. Hands and feet top a line of metal spikes, a row of glassy-eyed zombies peer from behind a rail of severed heads. They are still making monsters, but now they make them by the thousands. www.

Demo/Tech 12 - Monday 4:30 – 5:30 pm Room: 310A-D B-E
RJ Haddy’s Costuming With Foam Workshop
by RJ Haddy, Rad FX Co.

Description – Rj Haddy from the hit TV show FaceOff will teach the class hands-on how to use foam for costuming and puppetry purposes. He will educate attendees on which foams to use, how to use them, how to properly glue them, and techniques on how to paint them. This process is very popular with cosplayers. In this 1 hour workshop attendees will build their own costume/armor piece.

No Registration is Required

RJ Haddy was a contestant (placed first runner up) on season two and voted fan favorite on SyFy’s FaceOff. He then returned as veteran contestant on season five. He is an accomplished professional effects artist whose work includes big budget Hollywood films such as Batman and Robin, There’s Something About Mary, Contact, and Sleepy Hollow.

DemonstrationsCreative SessionsBusiness Classes
Hands-On WorkshopsAdvanced All Day Workshops


Event Coordinator: 
Leonard Pickel

Exhibitor Booth Sales: 

Chad Savage / Sinister Visions

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About HAuNTcon

HAuNTcon features movie & TV industry celebrities for presentations and personal appearances.  In the past we’ve hosted makeup professionals such as Brian & Nick Wolfe, Cleve Hall, and Tom Devlin.  Actors from iconic horror movies such as Gunnar Hansen (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) have graced our celebrity ensemble.

If can’t get enough scares in October, try our Pre-Show overnight bus trip that includes lights on and lights off tours of local haunted events. This tour is followed by the full action tours on Friday and Sunday evenings.

The Trade Show floor, Friday through Sunday, is filled with the latest in fright services and equipment, for the professional Haunted House owner and the Halloween enthusiast alike. From horror makeup and highly detailed masks to static props and large animatronic creatures, everything a Haunter needs will be for sale, often at wholesale prices.  Stay four out Haunted Garage sale, where local haunted houses and manufacturers sell and trade anything everything haunted at this flea market/swap meet.  The sale is a great place to find killer deals.

The conference wraps up with advanced education on the Monday, following the trade show, with day-long hands-on workshops, covering everything from attraction design to creating realistic scenes of terror at your event!