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Hands On Workshops

Hands On Workshops

RESIZED-HAUNTCON (30)The HAuNTcon Hands-on Workshops are designed to teach a technique, in a smaller project that attendees can then take home with them. Back at their own attraction, attendees can use these techniques on a grander scale to increase the effectiveness of their attractions. A materials fee is required for each class and seating is limited, so reserve your seat now.  CLICK HERE to register for Classes. Times, topics and speakers are subject to change.

Note: Registration to HAuNTcon is required to take these Workshops.


Materials Fee Required for Each Class and Seating is limited! RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!




Friday Workshops

Foam Carved Crypt Plaque
by Jeff & Chris Davis, Davis Graveyard

Class Limited to 20 Seats, Materials Fee: $20 BUY NOW!

In this session, Jeff and Chris Davis of Davis Graveyard will instruct attendees in on foam carving and faux stone painting techniques to create a crypt plaque.  The techniquies learned in this workshop will help students make their own foam carved stone plaques for larger projects cemetery. Materials fee is required, seating is limited.




12:30-1:30pm (pt 1)
Making A Hospital Gown with an Abdominal Wound Part 1
by Deanna Bryant-Shaw, Divine Dementia

Class Limited to 12 Seats, Materials Fee: $20 BUY NOW!

In this lively two part Hands-On Workshop, Deanna Bryant-Shaw will instruct attendees on the creation of gory intestines oozing out behind a slash in a hospital gown!  How to create the entrails and how to secure them to a costume for a gruesome, gory look will be covered! Attendees can immediately apply these techniques to clothing and costumes at their own attractions, creating a whole wardrobe for your acting crew! Materials fee is required.




Easy Skull Corpsification Workshop
by Christene Steffens, Haunt Addiction Show / Northern NV Haunters

Class Limited to 15 Seats, Materials Fee: $35  BUY NOW!

Skeletons are a staple of haunting, but when you buy them they are stripped of flesh and ready for the anatomy class, not the creepy rotted remains of a long-dead victim. Changing clean white bone into a rotting body is known in the industry as “Corpsification,” and is a crucial technique for any haunted house props maker.

In this hands-on workshop, Christene Steffens will demystify corpsing by using simple techniques that are easy, inexpensive and quick without all the mess.  Learn how to take a plain skull and turn it into something terrifying!   Be sure to wear clothes that you won’t mind getting paint on. Materials Fee is required for this class and seating is limited.

NOTE: People taking this class should consider also taking Realistic Eyes Workshop, which could be used in this class for added detail.




4:30-5:30pm (pt 2)
Making A Hospital Gown with an Abdominal Wound Part 2
by Deanna Bryant-Shaw, Divine Dementia


See Part 1




Saturday Workshops

Prop Distressing: Aging the Hockey Mask
by Scott Morrow, Fearless Ghost Hunter Show

Class Limited to 12 Seats, Materials Fee: $15 BUY NOW!

In this session, Scott Morrow will instruct attendees on the techniques of distressing props, with a hands-on hockey mask workshop. Participants will learn how to age and add damage a classic horror icon. perfect for any machete wielding serial killer. Materials fee required.




Spooky Witch’s Poison Bottle
by Dr. William Ramsay, EyePromote, Inc.

Class Limited to 12 Seats, Materials Fee: $10  BUY NOW!

Are you looking for a simple, yet awesome prop for your Witch’s Kitchen/Apothecary? During this fun hands-on workshop, Dr. Bill Ramsay aka Dr. TerrorEyes, will show you how to create a detailed aged bottle of “witch’s poison” – a basic necessity of ANY witch’s kitchen. Using simple crafting tricks he kind Doctor provides you instruction and assistance in creating your own masterpiece in less than an hour. His 42 years of Haunt experience may provide the perfect inspiration you need! Plus, course attendees are eligible for the several door prize drawings throughout the Doctor’s course. Materials fee is required.




Realistic Prop Eyes On A Budget
by Michael Burnett, FrightNight Studios, LLC

Class Limited to 20 Seats, Materials Fee: $25  BUY NOW!

They say that the eyes are windows into the soul, and the hardest part of creating a life like looking prop, is realistic lifelike eyes. Glass eyes are great, you can stick them in a goofy looking prop or even a glob of spray foam, and the whole prop takes on a creepy more eerie look. Unfortunately, glass eyes are expensive, so in this workshop, Michael Burnett will show you how to make realistic life like eyes for a fraction of what you can buy glass eyes for.  Class includes all materials and instruction to make two sets of realistic life like prop eyes. Materials fee is required.




Create A Bust Statue Workshop
by Jeff & Chris Davis, Davis Graveyard

Class Limited to 16 Seats, Materials Fee: $20  BUY NOW!

A bust statue can add instant atmosphere to any mansion scene. In this beginner-friendly workshop, Jeff and Chris Davis will instruct attendees how to create a simple bust-like statue out of a foam wig stand and sculpting materials. Advanced techniques, include how to enhance and create distinct facial features to bring the bust to life. The statue made in this class can be used as a display piece, or as the backdrop for a projection effect. Materials fee is required.




Spooky Dual Circuit Flickering Light 
by Dr. William Ramsay, EyePromote, Inc.

Class Limited to 12 Seats, Materials Fee: $35  BUY NOW!

In this hands-on workshop, Dr. William Ramsay (Dr. Terror Eyes), will instruct attendees on the construction and assembly of a next generation flicker circuit that will make 110 volt lights quickly flicker or sputter at random. This unit has two separate circuits creating two different flicker patterns side by side in a room (or even in one fixture), to imitate an old faulty wiring system or the handiwork of mischievous spirits. The circuit can also vary the bulb’s output brightness.

At the end of the class, students will take home a fully functioning dual flicker circuit adapter with knowledge and parts list to make many more. Materials fee is required.


Movie Quality Zombie Teeth Made Easy
by Michael Burnett, FrightNight Studios, LLC

Class Limited to 15 Seats, Materials Fee: $35  BUY NOW!

In this hands-on workshop, special makeup effects designer and artist Michael Burnett will instruct attendees on how to make realistic, film quality teeth custom made to fit! The class includes all materials, instruction, and use of tools to make one set of realistic custom fit zombie teeth. Materials fee is required.


Sunday Workshops

8:30-9:30am (pt 1)
Heat Things Up With Burning Embers! Part 1
by Deanna Bryant-Shaw, Divine Dementia

Class Limited to 12 Seats, Materials Fee: $35 BUY NOW!

What better way to “heat things up” than with burning embers! In this two part Hands-On Workshop, Deanna Bryant-Shaw will lead attendees on how to heat up their haunt décor by making their very own pile of artificial burning embers out of recycled plastics.

Deanna will demonstrate techniques that can be used for both small and large fire beds. The first session of this two-part class will take attendees through the framing and assembly of the piece.  Part two will consist of painting and finishing the piles of hot looking coals. Materials fee is required.




Mini Shrouded Skeleton Plaque
by Jeff & Chris Davis, Davis Graveyard

Class Limited to 12 Seats, Materials Fee: $30 BUY NOW!

Monster Mud has been a staple of the haunted attraction industry for as long as premixed sheetrock mud has been around. It has numerous uses and is fantastic for creating quick sculpture and foam texturing. In this hands on workshop, the crew from Davis Graveyard will use Monster Mud, some cheese cloth and a 16” plastic skeleton to create a shrouded skeleton plaque suitable for any graveyard decor. The techniques learned in this class will allow attendees to tackle a litany of similar projects at their own haunt. Materials fee is required.


2:00-3:00pm (pt 2)
Heat Things Up With Burning Embers! Part 2
by Deanna Bryant-Shaw, Divine Dementia

See Part 1

See Part 1




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