Sheraton Birmingham
Birmingham, AL
January 28-February 1, 2016

Attention Preshow Haunters!


I wanted to thank you for signing up for the preshow tour. It will be the largest HAuNTcon Preshow tour we have had for a while which will make things interesting! And even more fun!

First off, a breakfast is provided in the lobby of the Belle of Baton Rouge Hotel. Check in for the preshow begins at 7:30am at which time you will be provided with a voucher to get something to eat at the nice breakfast/lunch/snack/drinks kiosk in the hotel lobby. They even have FREE coffee if you are “staying at the Belle.” (or know someone who is, wink wink).

The first stop on the tour is a short 10 minute walk from the hotel, so travel light. If you have something you don’t want to carry that far, let us know at the check in. The tour of the Haunted Old Louisiana Capital building starts promptly at 8:30am, so please get there before then. If anyone has issues walking that far, please let us know at check in. We will get you there.

The buses will pick you up AT the Castle. As soon as you see the Ghosts of the Castle presentation and take a quick look at the amazing building, get on the bus! Please get on the first available, because as soon as it is full, it is heading out. If you have people you want to ride with, stay together. The LAST BUS loads at 9:30am. Make sure you are on a bus by then.

The goal for the day is to stagger the buses by 15 minutes, so that three buses are not all arriving at the same time and the last bus spends all day waiting in line. To do this we HAVE TO stick to a schedule! You will be given an itinerary by the captain of your bus once you get on a bus. If the itinerary says your bus is loading at a set time, BE ON THE BUS before that time!

Each of you have a phone with a clock on it. It is not fair to have 50 people on the bus waiting for you to show up so they can stay on schedule. If you are not where the schedule says you need to be on time to get on the bus, the bus will leave without you. Ask people who have been on the bus tour before, we leave late people every year. Get your bus captain’s phone number and make sure he has yours in case of emergency, (if you are not a punctual person… have cab fare ready! Just in case!)

Next stop is the Rise Haunted house. We will do a lights on tour of the haunt and eat lunch there. Photos for your personal use are allowed on the Preshow tour. Do not post photos of the haunts anywhere. And please don’t take any photos during the lights off tours. It is inappropriate to be flashing pics while the actors are trying to scare you!

After the rise we head to St. Louis Cemetery #1. This tour is self paced, so look for Marie Laveau’s crypt. You can’t miss it, it was recently defaced and has been painted white and cordoned off. From this stop you have about 3 hours for a self-paced tour of the French Quarter. You have free tickets to the Wax Museum and the Pharmacy Museum. Just show your wristband to get in. Pace yourself and don’t spend too much time in any one place or you will have to hurry to the bus and miss something. Don’t miss the bus! Check your schedule for time, but the last bus LEAVES at 10 minutes until 5pm.

The next stop is Mardi Gras World. The building is CRAMMED FULL of oversized props and floats. There are several dark themed floats, so look around. We will be eating dinner near an incredibly themed out Louisiana plantation. Be sure to “use the bathroom” so you can walk though and get a close look at this fantastic space.

Then we are back on the buses for the trip back to Baton Rouge. If we stick to the schedule we will be back in plenty of time for freshening up before the Friday Night Haunt tour of 13th Gate and Necropolis 13 (DON’T MISS THAT TOUR!!)

Again, thank you for joining us on the fun and inspirational tour!
See you early tomorrow! Let the Good Times Roll!

Leonard Pickel

Haunted Garage Sale, 5:30 – 7:30pm Monday Feb. 9 at HAuNTcon 2015

IMG_2420 Looking for a unique haunt item?  Visit the HAuNTers Garage Sale and see what’s available! You never know what you’ll find….maybe that “rang-doodle” you’ve been hunting for to complete your most important haunt room or yard display! Admission to the garage sale is included with your registration. Be sure to check the garage sale out! In 2015, the Garage Sale will be occurring on Monday, 2/9/2015 5:30 – 7:30pm.

Note: Attendance to the HAuNTcon Tradeshow Floor is required to gain entry into the HAuNTers Garage Sale. CLICK HERE to register for HAuNTcon.

To sell at the HAuNTers Garage Sale, click here to reserve your table

Have some old props and haunt “stuff” you’d like to cash in on?  Sign up as a seller…there are a VERY LIMITED number of IMG_2427spaces available.

HAuNTcon 2015 Costume Ball – Feb. 8th, 8pm to 1am at the Belle of Baton Rouge Hotel, AL

Buy Tickets Now

On Halloween night, every self respecting haunter is wearing a great costume, but rather than enjoying the holiday, most of us are working. Enter the HAuNTcon Costume Ball, THE social event of the Haunting Season is a once a year off season opportunity to get your Halloween fix at a rocking party. Join Haunt owners,  actors, makeup artists and Halloween fanatics from around the world for a ghoulishly fun night of networking and haunting fun.

Full Cajun buffet, party favors, prom photo, DJ and dance floor to keep the party atmosphere. FREE beer sponsored by Froggys Fog and FREE soft drinks sponsored by von Charon Productions, a cash bar is also available.



Monday Haunt Tour/Wrap Party – The Mortuary Haunted House

the-mortuaryjpg-ebbb5133990fd150Feb. 9th, 2015 – An icon of old New Orleans at the very dead end of world famous Canal Street, The Haunted Mortuary is an architecturally stunning manor located less than 3 miles from the enchanting French Quarter. This magnificent mansion was originally built in 1872 and actually operated for over 80 years as real mortuary. This actively-haunted, 14,000 square foot, 3-story mansion, is surrounded by New Orleans Cities of the Dead.

For HAuNTcon 2015, The Mortuary will be home to the conference wrap party, which includes heavy hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, a live DJ, and a tour of the building’s basement haunted attraction. Guests will also get to tour a sampling of Santa’s Secret Workshop, the venue’s Christmas event, held every holiday season. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to network and tour the actually haunted Mortuary Haunted house!

Bus transportation from the host hotel is available. CLICK HERE for tickets!

Saturday Night Haunt Tour – Rise Haunted House and Zombie Paintball

haunted-house-coming-to-hammond-louisianaSaturday Feb. 7th 2015 – A full October style tour of Southern Louisiana’s newest Dark Attraction, Rise Haunted House, located just minutes from Downtown Hammond,Louisiana, 45 Minutes from Baton Rouge and 40 minutes from the New Orleans Metro area. The HAuNTcon 2015 tour includes both the Rise: Dark Souls AND Rise Operation Deadly Assault paintball hayride, both for one low price.

The RISE: Dark Souls Unleashed is a 10,000 sf walk-through Dark Attraction that features an abandoned bread & breakfast and secret research lab in the Cornertombbuilding and an 8,000 square feet New Orleans style cemetery. Hordes of UNDEAD, an endless terror-filled labyrinth, and countless nerve-wracking spine tingling scares await you on this unforgettable haunted house experience.

MorgueThe RISE: Operation Deadly Assault arms you with the latest in Zombie destruction weaponry as you travel on their custom designed troop carrier through the Zombie Infested back-woods and swamps of Louisiana to extinguish the hordes of Undead that escaped from the main complex.

Bus transportation from the host hotel is available. CLICK HERE for tickets!

Quick Skull Corpsification Workshop at HAuNTcon 2015

by William Ramsey

IMG_20150125_130335Learn how to change a plain, boring white skull into something truly worthy of a scream in this informative demonstration. In less than an hour Dr. Bill Ramsay will instruct the attendees on how to corpsify a cast resin plastic skull into a rotten corpse. Attendees will be provided with the instruction and materials needed to transform a plastic skull from boring to soaring, and do it without the mess of latex or glue. When finished, Attendees take their creation home with them. READ MORE about this and other hands on workshops at HAuNTcon 2015, Baton Rouge, Feb. 6-10. Fee required, seating limited BUY NOW!

HAuNTcon 2015 Adds Another Bus To the Preshow Tour

The HAuNTcon Friday Inspiration Pre-show Tour Just SOLD OUT! But never fear! We were able to pick up an overflow bus for the tour, but it only seats 28 people, so if you are thinking about joining HAuNTcon attendees for this fun and educational road trip, then get your ticket now!TOUR DETAILS

Jump on the “Short Bus” and don’t miss out on this chance to tour Louisiana!  BUY TICKETS NOW! This tour will sell out… again!

HAuNTcon 2015 Preshow Tour SELLING OUT!

fridayThere are only a few seats left on the HAuNTcon 2015 Inspiration Pre-show Tour, Feb.  6th. If you are considering joining haunters on this once in a lifetime tour of everything spooky in Southern Louisiana, then NOW is the time to get your tickets! TOUR DETAILS

Don’t miss out on this educational networking road trip!  BUY TICKETS NOW!


Guided Tours of 13th Gate During HAuNTcon 2015

13th_gate_logoI just got off the phone with 13th Gate and Necropolis 13 owner Dwayne Sanburn discussing the upcoming tour of his attractions in Barton Rouge as part of the HAuNTcon 2015 conference in Baton Rouge, LA Feb. 6-10. These back stage tours will be without actors and with construction lights on so that attendees can get a close look at the frights and scenic detail that is packed into these two amazing attractions. As a bonus! The 13th Gate tour will be guided by key staff from the attraction design and set up crew, followed by a Q & A with the staff.

This one tour is well worth the trip to HAuNTcon 2015 and is just one of the kickoff events of a whole weekend of idea sharing, education, hands on workshops, haunt tours and pure haunting fun! Join haunters from around the world for what is THE best investment you can make to fulfill your wildest dreams of haunting success. for details!

HAuNTcon 2015 Seminar – Opening Your First Haunted Attraction: Without Losing An Arm And A Leg

by Leonard Pickel of ThemedAttraction Design and Consulting
Halloween has become a phenomenon in the United States and around the world, and every year more and more people are opening “darkly themed” Halloween Attractions. Even in the present economic downturn some haunted events are breaking attendance records, while other attractions are going out of business. Offered at HAuNTcon 2015 in Baton Rouge, LA – Feb. 10th, this comprehensive and detailed step by step “how-to” session features the “do’s and don’ts” on getting an attraction open, keeping it open and making enough money to survive for both a for-profit dark attraction and charity Halloween Event, but even a well-established event will learn from Leonard’s 35 years of professional design and consulting experience. READ MORETuesdayatttraction

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HAuNTcon 2016

January 28 - February 1, 2016

Sheraton Birmingham
2101 Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard North
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About HAuNTcon

An acronym for the Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Conference, HAuNTcon is a celebration of people who love Haunted Houses and Halloween. It is three days and nights jam-packed full of Networking, Tours of area Haunted Attractions, educational seminars, make-n-takes teaching the latest is Haunting techniques and a tradeshow exhibiting the latest in Haunting props and equipment.

Offerings include a pre-show bus tour of area Haunted attractions, tours of local Haunted attractions, tradeshow floor, costume ball, haunted garage sale and Haunter education including workshops, make-up and product demonstrations, and prop how-to make-n-takes.

HAuNTcon is open to the general public and all ages are welcome to attend. If you operate a Haunted House or would like to. If you act at a Halloween Event or would like to. If you Haunt your Home, or if you are just a fan of Haunted Houses and Halloween, then HAuNTcon is a "not to be missed" weekend of Haunting fellowship and just plain fun!

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